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Gun Policy News, 20 August 2001

United States

20 August 2001

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

A gun-rights group is calling for protests over a planned gun ban during Saturday's Utah Republican convention, and demanding an apology from Vice President Dick Cheney, the event's scheduled keynote speaker. "Self-defense is a right," the Utah Gun Owners Alliance said Sunday on a new posting on its Web site. "Do you want to be taken for granted and treated like a criminal by Bush and Cheney? No? Then you need to do something to stop Republican gun bans." The... (

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United States

20 August 2001

Washington Times, Editorial

If a total, nationwide ban on the possession of firearms is supposed to curb gun crime, then why is it that the English are increasingly the victims of gun-wielding criminals? According to a study released about a month ago and which formed the basis of a recent article in USA Today, the criminal use of firearms in the United Kingdom has increased by "almost 40 percent in three years, to 3,685 incidents from 2,648." Now, what makes this fact especially interesting is... (

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United States,United Nations

20 August 2001

New York Times

WASHINGTON — International arms sales grew 8 percent last year, to nearly $36.9 billion, with the United States further consolidating its stature as the supplier of choice, especially in developing countries, according to a new Congressional report. American manufacturers signed contracts for just under $18.6 billion, or about half of all weapons sold on the world market during 2000, with 68 percent of the American weapons bought by developing countries. Russia... (

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Papua New Guinea

20 August 2001

Post-Courier (Port Moresby), Opinion

The responsibility for protecting elected leaders with firearms rests with police. The present situation where Members of Parliament are allowed to own pistols to protect themselves is wrong. It is an admission that they have failed to contain the increasing law and order problems in PNG and therefore must resort to arming themselves for protection. Police have a responsibility to provide security for all leaders whose lives may be threatened. This responsibility has... (

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United States

20 August 2001

San Francisco Chronicle, Editorial

There is an epidemic of youth gun violence in America today. We all know it. We're frightened by it. Much of the time, we wonder if there is "anything" we can do about it. One unique effort that has come to my attention offers a simple "something" we can do about it. The ASK (Asking Saves Kids) Campaign is a national public-health campaign, developed in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics. It urges parents to ask their neighbors if they have a gun in... (

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20 August 2001

Reuters Business

MAPUTO — Mozambique is grappling with a proliferation of small arms from its 16-year civil war as it prepares to host an international weapons reduction conference, the Christian Council of Mozambique (CCM) said on Monday. The conference will be held in the Mozambique capital Maputo from August 29-31. "We will be showing the results of our work of transforming arms into ploughshares that started in 1995," CCM national co-ordinator Forqilha Albino told... (

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United States

20 August 2001

Reuters / Variety

HOLLYWOOD — CBS executives have defended their decision to postpone a repeat of "Family Law," in response to advertiser pressure, calling it a sound business decision in a tough advertising marketplace. The broadcaster had scheduled the episode, which dealt with kids and gun violence, to air Aug. 13. But CBS then pulled the episode and replaced it with another repeat after execs were reminded that consumer products giant Procter & Gamble would not advertise in the... (

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United States

20 August 2001

Bay City Times (Michigan) / AP

HOWELL — Gun shops have been experiencing a boom in sales — especially sales of small guns — since Michigan's revised concealed weapons law went into effect. Normally, revolvers with 2- or 3-inch barrels and compact semiautomatics just sit on the shelves, said Ron Westcott, vice president of Dick's Sport Center. But sales of the handguns have picked up since the law went into effect July 1, he said. "There has been a definite increase in the sales of the carry... (

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United States

20 August 2001

Foster's Daily Democrat (New Hampshire)

DOVER, New Hampshire — Police are seizing and storing more guns today because of changes in laws and attitudes regarding domestic violence. "When we serve protective orders to defendants, we'll have to make all efforts to seize the weapons. That's what causes a lot of the influx," Lt. Anthony Colarusso said. Colarusso heads the Dover Police Department's Special Investigations Unit and Anti-Stalking Unit, which is charged with investigating many cases of domestic... (

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United States

20 August 2001

Los Angeles Times, Opinion

In Washington, conventional wisdom holds that Democrats are now in headlong retreat on the gun issue. "Democrats back off on firearms," screamed a USA Today headline last week. So in the New Jersey gubernatorial race this fall, why is it the Republican nominee, Bret Schundler, who's backing off on guns? Earlier this month, Schundler abruptly renounced his earlier indications that he would sign a bill allowing anyone in the state to make like Tony Soprano and carry a... (

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United States

20 August 2001

Forbes (USA)

Branding: Facing a graying market, gunmakers tried to target young people with soft videogames. It was a long shot. No matter how hard they try, gunmakers can't seem to please. Three years ago firearms brands Colt, Remington Arms, Browning and arms retailer Cabela hooked up with gamemakers to create kid-friendly computer games. Wary of being accused of enticing children, the sponsors ordered up sanitized games: no beheadings or splattered body parts. Surprise-many of... (

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20 August 2001

Ottawa Citizen (Ontario)

An Ottawa sport shooter who vehemently opposes the federal government's controversial gun law has posted photographs of Canadian Firearms Centre employees on his gun-lobby Web site, followed by a sobering picture of a deadly .50-calibre sniper's rifle. Even though the photographs are accompanied by the names, telephone numbers and workplace addresses of the employees, the gun owner who posted them, Tom Zinck, a Canadian Alliance organizer in the last federal election,... (

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United States

20 August 2001

Court TV (USA)

As a lawyer, George Lott was used to commanding the floor. But when he stood up in a Fort Worth, Texas, courtroom on July 1, 1992, the law had become his enemy. Shortly after 10 a.m., the well-dressed former lawyer calmly pulled a 9mm semiautomatic handgun from his briefcase and began firing. Within minutes, Lott had slain two lawyers and wounded another and two judges. The gunman was convicted and put to death by lethal injection in 1994, but the legal battles over... (

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