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Gun Policy News, 17 August 2001

United Kingdom

17 August 2001

Telegraph (UK)

Sir John Stevens, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said police in London were on target to reduce gun crime by two per cent this year, despite the number of murders involving firearms having doubled. Speaking as he put on display an arsenal of 700 powerful weapons seized in the capital, Sir John said he was confident that police could reduce gun crime without the need to arm more officers. The number of gun deaths in London rose to 25 in the first eight months of... (

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United States

17 August 2001

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

Some Utah Republicans will be feeling rather naked at their party organizing convention Aug. 25. The expected attendance of Vice President Dick Cheney means there will be no guns allowed in the South Towne Exposition Center in Sandy. To some GOP activists, who would no more venture into public without a concealed handgun than they would sans pants or skirt, it is akin to indecent exposure. "I know there are a lot of people who are a little upset about this," says... (

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17 August 2001

National Post (Toronto)

The Canadian Firearms Centre has failed to provide newly mandated gun licences to thousands of Inuit, some of whom have been waiting more than year since they first applied, according to James Eetoolook, the president of the powerful Nunavut land claims organization. Mr. Eetoolook, who heads Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated, an organization representing 22,000 beneficiaries of the Nunavut land claim agreement, said the licences that he and thousands of other hunters... (

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United States

17 August 2001

Frontpage Magazine (USA), Opinion

Many Conservatives have complained that the liberal media fails to cover conservative successes. This past week, the coverage by the liberal media of a judicial setback to the gun control agenda was not ignored, but was turned on its head to promote the liberals' agenda. The gun prohibitionists and the liberal news media covered the recent California Supreme Court decision in Merrill vs. Navegar with much gnashing of teeth. The case was a result of Gian Luigi Ferri's... (

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United States

17 August 2001

Associated Press

MIAMI — Navegar Inc., the gunmaker that manufactured the TEC-DC9 semiautomatic weapon used at Columbine High and other mass slayings, has gone out of business, The Miami Herald reported Friday. State records show that Navegar and a sister corporation, Armak, were voluntarily dissolved on April 16. Ed Halley, spokesman for the local office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, said the firm gave up its manufacturing license sometime before that. Last week... (

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United States

17 August 2001

Miami Herald

Navegar, the Dade gunmaker responsible for the notorious TEC-9 semiautomatic handgun used at Columbine High and other mass slayings, has quietly gone out of business. The gun, however, may live on. Andrew Molchan of the Professional Gun Retailers Association in Fort Lauderdale, says he has heard that the "sale of the design is under discussion." He wouldn't name the company. Just last week, Navegar won a landmark California lawsuit that stretched back eight years,... (

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