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Gun Policy News, 15 August 2001

United States

15 August 2001

San Francisco Chronicle

The gun industry should be held liable for the marketing and misuse of weapons, state Sen. Don Perata said yesterday as he announced plans for a bill that would remove a special exemption for gun manufacturers from state law. The bill would allow gunmakers to be sued for damages and make the industry subject to the laws that govern the conduct of the makers of other products that can be used to hurt people, from knives to electric drills, said Perata, a Democrat from... (

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Canada,United States

15 August 2001

Edmonton Sun (Alberta)

The Bush administration in the United States is undoing or ignoring Clinton administration gun-control measures — and that's "dangerous" news for Edmonton and Canada, says police Chief Bob Wasylyshen. "It's a concern. The Clinton administration did good things to promote safer handling of guns and to make sure they didn't get into the wrong hands, which was good for the U.S. and for Canada," the chief said. "It will be interesting to see (how much) that goes by the... (

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United States

15 August 2001

Los Angeles Times

SACRAMENTO — Gun control advocate Sen. Don Perata introduced legislation Tuesday that would abolish the immunity from liability that firearms manufacturers enjoy under California law. The Alameda Democrat's proposal was triggered by a state Supreme Court ruling last week that held that gun makers cannot be held responsible for crimes in which their products are used. The court cited a 1983 state law that prohibits suing gun companies on the grounds that the benefits... (

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United States

15 August 2001

Denver Post (Colorado), Editorial

In recent years, there hasn't been much nice to say about California. But we have to praise the California Supreme Court for its good sense in throwing out a civil lawsuit against a gun manufacturer. The case arose out of a 1993 San Francisco shooting rampage in which the killer, Gian Luigi Ferri, used two TEC-DC-9 semiautomatic handguns to kill eight people and wound six others before taking his own life. The TEC-DC-9 was the same kind of weapon used by teen killers... (

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15 August 2001

Independent (Dhaka)

CHITTAGONG — The port city is now turning into an armoury of illegal firearms, heavy and small, ahead of the upcoming general election. A huge number of firearms, it is apprehended will be used by the criminals hired by the candidates of the different political parties during the election, according to knowledgeable sources. Most of the terrorists of the port city and the district of Chittagong possess several sophisticated or small firearms, police sources said.... (

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15 August 2001


BEIJING — Chinese police seized and destroyed over 600,000 guns between April and June in an "unprecedented" crackdown on firearms and explosives, a Chinese newspaper said on Wednesday. Most of the guns were smuggled in from countries in Southeast Asia, made in underground Chinese workshops, or sold on the black market by security forces, said the Chinese magazine Newsweek in an article reprinted in the Writer's Digest Youth Herald. Others confiscated in the... (

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United States

15 August 2001

Tucson Citizen (Arizona)

McMann's Roadrunner Inc. and gun maker Glock are not responsible for three killings at a local Pizza Hut, a judge rules. A Tucson attorney will likely appeal the removal of a gun maker and a gun show promoter from a wrongful-death lawsuit filed in the 1999 Pizza Hut slayings. The gun show promoter, McMann's Roadrunner Inc., and the maker and U.S. distributor of the Austrian-made pistol used in the triple killings are not liable for the murders, Superior Court Judge... (

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