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Gun Policy News, 10 August 2001

United States

10 August 2001

Wall Street Journal, Editorial

You know you're in trouble when the folks out in California start making sense. Especially on an issue that mixes assault weapons and trial lawyers. But sanity prevailed this week, and that's news in itself. We refer to Monday's decision by the California Supreme Court that a Miami-based gun manufacturer could not be sued because a murderer used two of its semiautomatic pistols. Brought by the families of the victims of a deranged businessman who in 1993 went on a... (

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United States

10 August 2001

Philadelphia Inquirer, Opinion

WASHINGTON — Now that Republicans control the White House, the nation's capital is a much friendlier place for the National Rifle Association. Since President Bush took office, the administration has canceled a Clinton-era gun-buyback program opposed by the NRA, forced the weakening of an international treaty aimed at stopping the flow of small arms, and endorsed an expansive reading of the Constitution's Second Amendment, which guarantees the right to bear... (

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10 August 2001

Edmonton Journal (Alberta)

The Washington-based National Rifle Association helped to establish a major Canadian pro-gun lobby group and continues to provide key logistical support to the initiative, a memo circulated by the Canadian organization says. The Canadian Institute for Legislative Action (CILA), which has waged an attack against the Firearms Act and the new federal gun registry system, became active about three years ago, gun-control lobbyists say. While the group has been suspected of... (

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10 August 2001

People's Daily (China)

Over the past four months, Beijing public security departments have handled a total of 770 cases of illegal production and sale of explosives and guns. So far, over 790 offenders implicated have been dealt with according to law, and 290 of them have been arrested, according to the local public security bureau. The cases involved 2,500 kg of powder and dynamite, 12,000 detonators, 3,600 meters of fuses, 270,000 firecrackers, 100 hand grenades and 1,500 guns of various... (

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United States

10 August 2001

Detroit Free Press

Flashing silver in the hot sunlight, the thing in the kid's hand looked real and deadly enough. "Give me your money," the kid said, holding out the weapon. His accomplice pointed another weapon, black, at the 41-year-old woman's face as she stood in the parking lot of a west-side bank in Detroit on Aug. 2. The woman hesitated. The kid slammed the silver gun against her head, opening a wound that would require five stitches. He took her purse with $110 in cash. She... (

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United Kingdom

10 August 2001

Telegraph (UK)

Beside Deputy Assistant Commissioner Michael Fuller's desk at Scotland Yard is a map of London. Marked on it is a cluster of green, blue and red dots. They represent the legacy of increasing gun crime in the black community: red is for murders, blue for attempted murders and green for non-fatal shootings. Alongside the map is a series of police posters, each showing what appears to be the work of a graffiti artist. A letter O is sprayed in grey paint, crossed with the... (

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