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Gun Policy News, 9 August 2001

United States

9 August 2001

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

A group of Utah business organizations is lending support to America Online in its duel with three former employees fired last year for carrying guns in a parking lot outside the Internet service provider's Ogden call center. Utahns Luke Hansen, Paul Carlson and Jason Melling are suing AOL in 2nd District Court over their dismissals, arguing the company's anti-weapons policy violates the state's gun laws. They contend Utahns with concealed weapons permits are allowed... (

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United States

9 August 2001

Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Texas), Opinion

Whee, doggies, look at the folks at the Violence Policy Center squirm. Whee, doggies, look at the folks at the Violence Policy Center squirm. The nation has an attorney general who dares to say publicly what he believes-that the Second Amendment addresses an individual's right to keep and bear arms-and the anti-gun rights people go into a 4-foot hover. Mathew Nosanchuk, a former Justice Department official in the Clinton administration who is now working in VPC's... (

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United States

9 August 2001

KOCO-TV News (Oklahoma)

Tulsa police are expressing concern about a new gun that resembles a cellular telephone. Officers are worried that the disguised weapons could be overlooked during traffic stops and airports. "If this cell phone went through a magnometer, it could probably pass, but it couldn't perform functions of a cell phone," Sgt. Wayne Allen of the Tulsa Police Department said. Several disguised weapons have popped up over the years, including knives that resemble pens and... (

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United States

9 August 2001

Washington Post

The parents of a 13-year-old killed in an accidental shooting have sued the gun manufacturer, arguing that the company produced and marketed a defective product and failed to build in safety features. The suit is one of at least three in Maryland based on the premise that gunmakers should be treated like manufacturers of other consumer products, which are required to provide safety features and warnings. As such, the suits are part of a growing movement, begun during... (

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9 August 2001

Southam Newspapers (Canada)

OTTAWA — Dissident Canadian Alliance MP Jim Pankiw is under fire for taking part in a National Firearms Association propaganda video opposing international efforts to curb the illegal worldwide trade of small arms. Pankiw criticized attempts to forge a United Nations pact on small arms in a video produced last month by the NRA, which has fought demands for stiffer gun control laws in the United States for more than 60 years. The head of Canada's largest gun-control... (

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United States

9 August 2001

Frontpage Magazine (USA), Opinion

It is August in Washington and everyone flees the city: Congress has left until Labor Day, President Bush has gone to Texas, and most everyone else is on vacation. It's time to assess George W. Bush's presidency from the gun owners' perspective. On the surface it looks as if gun owners have had a very good six months. In the closing days of July, as Congress prepared to recess, both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate voted in favor of gun owner... (

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United Kingdom

9 August 2001

Evening Standard (London)

Junior doctors in east London are being given extra training to treat knife and gunshot wounds following an alarming increase in violent attacks. Stab wounds are a daily occurrence and around one gunshot injury is seen in the area's casualty units each week. Victims of gang warfare are increasingly being treated — as well as bystanders caught in the crossfire. Mike Walsh, a senior doctor at the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, which has an American-style trauma... (

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United States

9 August 2001

Sacramento Bee (California), Editorial

Having been rebuffed by the California Supreme Court in their attempt to hold Florida gun manufacturer Navegar liable in connection with a murderous rampage in 1993 that killed eight people in a San Francisco office building, gun control advocates say they will pursue other suits, in California and in other states. They also plan to ask the Legislature to overturn a 1983 law granting immunity to gun makers from suits that seek to sanction them for marketing dangerous... (

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United States

9 August 2001

Washington Times, Editorial

In the wake of tragedy, the frenetic scramble for blame can net some unlikely victims. The manufacturer of a product with obvious and well-documented hazards — hazards it makes no attempt to conceal — was the latest target of one such misguided search for culpability. In a stunningly clearheaded decision, the California Supreme Court on Monday ruled that gun manufacturer Navegar Inc. is not liable for the misuse of its product. Merrill vs. Navegar originated from... (

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United States,United Nations

9 August 2001

National Review (USA)

Editor's note: This is the fifth installment in an NRO series on the United Nations Conference on Small Arms This is not the end. This is the opening skirmish of a war," announced retired Rep. Charles Pashayan (R., Calif., 1979-91), a U.S. delegate to the July 2001 U.N. Small Arms Conference. Pashayan warned that issues of restricting private ownership of firearms, and of banning gun sales to persons not authorized by a government (e.g., freedom fighters), would... (

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9 August 2001

BTA (Sofia)

VELIKO TURNOVO — In pursuance of an agreement between the US State Department and the Bulgarian Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs, the destruction of stockpiles of disused small arms and light weapons has commenced at the TEREM EAD defence plant . WWII 7.62 mm submachine guns and light machine guns and artillery guns will be destroyed through plastic deformation and cutting. Over 77,500 units will be destroyed over the next six months under an agreement... (

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United States

9 August 2001

ABC News (USA)

Anthony Galella knows that guns kill and accidents happen. If he ever came across a gun, he said, he would "call the cops and tell them." But when Galella, 15, stumbled across a gun at a YMCA in Yonkers, N.Y., last year — disabled and placed there, unbeknownst to him, by ABCNEWS as part of a hidden-camera experiment — he found that sounding the alarm and calling for an adult did not come so easy. "Something in my head was just telling me to touch it and play with... (

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