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Gun Policy News, 8 August 2001

United Kingdom

8 August 2001

Guardian (UK)

A man was arrested yesterday in a raid on a south London factory believed to be converting imitation firearms into weapons. Twelve imitation handguns, a real handgun, two silencers, and a quantity of blank ammunition were recovered by police from premises in Bermondsey — two caravans and a workshop advertised as being a car repair business. They were found along with machine tools believed to be for converting imitation guns into weapons that would fire bullets,... (

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United States

8 August 2001

Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St Paul), Opinion

With National Night Out putting a focus on fighting crime, some people might consider getting a gun to protect themselves. But according to police, a self-defense expert and a gun-control leader, that's a bad idea. "Firearms in the home put one at higher risk," said Dr. Rebecca Thoman, executive director of Citizens for a Safer Minnesota. She spoke Tuesday at a State Capitol news conference. "For every self-defense use of a firearm in the home, there are four... (

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United States

8 August 2001

Health Scout News

WEDNESDAY — While they know more than most people about the harm a gun can do, law enforcement officers are twice as likely as civilians to store their weapons at home in an unsafe manner, a North Carolina survey finds. Officers do take more care if they have young children, but the survey results still are disturbing, says lead researcher Dr. Tamera Coyne-Beasley of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. "Some have this false belief that children are not... (

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United States

8 August 2001

Express-Times (Pennsylvania)

TRENTON — New Jersey's gun laws took center stage in the gubernatorial campaign again Monday, this time with gun-control advocates chiding Bret Schundler for comments he made last week about his Democratic opponent. Representatives of Ceasefire N.J. and the Million Mom March took Schundler, the Republican candidate and former mayor of Jersey City, to task for claiming in a news statement that Jim McGreevey supported right-to-carry legislation when he was a state... (

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United States

8 August 2001

Jewish World Review

The California Supreme Court deserves a 21-gun salute for its profound wisdom in throwing out a suit against gun-makers last week. Based partially on a 1983 law, the court held manufacturers can't be sued for the criminal misuse of their merchandise. "History will not be kind to the court's ruling," grumbled Dennis Henigan, attorney for the families of victims of a 1993 shooting. The court has granted "the gun industry special immunity from legal accountability that... (

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8 August 2001

Lisbon Lusa News Agency (translated from Portuguese)

MAPUTO — The project "Turn Weapons into Spades," (TAE) of the Mozambique Christian Council, collected approximately 8,000 weapons this year and identified 48 new storerooms to investigate, said a source from the project to Lusa today. TAE Coordinator Albino Forquilha told Lusa that after an administrative restructuring, the project should start next September with a "greater intervention" in the whole country in order to collect weapons which continue to be stored in... (

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United States

8 August 2001

Bergen Record (New Jersey)

In an unusual move, authorities have charged two men with supplying an assault rifle used in a fatal shootout in Hackensack in March. With help from federal authorities, investigators from the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office tracked sales of the Bulgarian-made 7.62mm semiautomatic assault rifle from Virginia to Paterson, where 19-year-old Najee Brown and Rashawn Fowler, 21, of Passaic, allegedly bought it for $700 early this year. Brown later used the weapon to... (

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United States

8 August 2001

Los Angeles Times, Opinion

The California Legislature should act immediately to overturn the Monday state Supreme Court ruling that protects gun manufacturers from being held liable, even when they design and market their products as tools for mass killings. The California Supreme Court, in a 5-1 decision, interpreted a state law enacted in 1983 as exempting gun companies from the usual rules of product liability. Because the decision was based entirely on the interpretation of this statute, the... (

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United States

8 August 2001

Detroit Free Press

Franz Micakovic's blood boiled when he saw his 14-year-old son come out of his bedroom holding what appeared to be a real handgun. "I said, 'What the hell are you doing with that gun?' " Micakovic said Tuesday. "Andrew looks at me, points the gun my way and says, 'Dad, it's just a toy.' " It turns out that the apparent 9mm handgun was a Powerline Airstrike 240 air gun. Andrew bought it from a Kmart store in Warren. The air gun shoots plastic .24-caliber pellets.... (

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United States

8 August 2001

Las Vegas Sun (Nevada)

CARSON CITY — A person convicted of a felony who receives an "honorable discharge" after completing probation may carry a properly registered firearm unless specifically prohibited, an appeals court has ruled. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Tuesday ruled in favor of James K. Laskie, who was arrested in Las Vegas in April 1999 and charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. He pleaded guilty but reserved the right to challenge his previous felony... (

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United States

8 August 2001

Chicago Sun-Times

An Elgin man who was carrying a 9mm handgun in a backpack on the Illinois Prairie Path won't be prosecuted for carrying a concealed weapon, DuPage County authorities said Tuesday. The felony weapons charge against 40-year-old John Horstman had been viewed by legal experts and gun owners groups as a test case of the state's convoluted laws on carrying and transporting guns. Now, however, prosecutors are dropping the unlawful use of a weapon charge against Horstman... (

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