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Gun Policy News, 22 January 2001

United States

22 January 2001

Daily O'Collegian

STILLWATER, Oklahoma — The last presidential election was the most ridiculous on record, and it must have appeared pretty comical to other nations. The citizens of Florida made themselves look like idiots. What people don't realize is that this last election is just the surface of a much bigger issue. The reason everything had been contested so much is because the Democrats don't want to lose their grip on the government. Bush winning this election caused just that.... (

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United States

22 January 2001

Washington Times

LOS ANGELES — Hundreds of California gun owners are taking their assault-style weapons out of state or putting them in hiding to avoid a registration deadline that took effect Jan 1. At the same time, sales of several hundred handgun models have been halted under terms of another new law requiring they be tested and certified by state officials before being put on sale. As of Dec. 29, the last weekday before the registration deadline, just 10,000 gun owners had... (

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United States

22 January 2001

Grand Rapids Press (Michigan)

HOLLAND — Holland Mayor Al McGeehan's passion for politics is rivaled only for his enthusiasm for gun shows and antique gun lore. So the mayor surprised some last week when he ended a city council meeting by taking aim at Michigan's new concealed weapons law. "I uphold the Second Amendment, but I see no correlation between the Second Amendment and this new law," McGeehan said. "I won't sit quietly by as this law goes into effect. I'm pledging my support to get this... (

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United States

22 January 2001

National Review (USA)

At a January 8, 2001 farewell tribute from the AFL-CIO, President Clinton offered advice to his party for regaining Congress in the next election. In doing so, he made a stunning revelation about the political clout of American gun owners. Union members who had been expected to vote Democrat in the presidential election, it seems, were frightened by the prospect of losing their guns should Al Gore win. That crucial swing vote cost Al Gore the election. According to... (

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22 January 2001

BBC News

A seven-month process to disarm the Karamojong of some 20,000 weapons began at the weekend, after a six-month delay. The government plans to take away the guns of the Karamojong cattle keepers who live in remote north-eastern districts of Moroto and Kotido. The Karamojong have been armed for the past 20 years and use the guns in interclan and cross border cattle rustling raids, but the government has finally had enough. The cow is at the centre of the Karamojong... (

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United States

22 January 2001

Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St Paul)

As if parents didn't have enough to worry about when their children are invited to play at a friend's house. Will there be a parent at home? Is the vodka safely locked away? What kind of cable stations and Web sites might their child's innocent eyes see for the first time? Now, some say, it's time to layer on one more worry: Is there a gun in the house? ASK-Asking Saves Kids-is a new national campaign that urges parents to overcome their embarrassment and ask that... (

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