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Gun Policy News, 21 January 2001

United States

21 January 2001


DECATUR, Georgia — A Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab expert tells CNN how-using bullets from the victim and shell casings from the crime scene-she was able to identify the type of gun the killer used in December to ambush DeKalb County sheriff-elect Derwin Brown. In a red brick office building outside Atlanta, a tall woman in a Georgia Tech sweatshirt saunters down the hall. In one hand, she's carrying a 9 mm Tec 9 machine pistol, in the other, a clip full... (

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United Kingdom

21 January 2001

The Journal (UK)

A rural caretaker has been ordered to remove his guns from a middle school in the North-East. The man, who lives in a house in school grounds, is a registered firearms owner and keeps his weapons in a locked box bolted to a wall. But last night the county council started an urgent review and said keeping guns on a school site was totally inappropriate. Government officials, parents and teachers are alarmed at the current situation. One parent, who did not want to be... (

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