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Gun Policy News, 18 January 2001

United States

18 January 2001

Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)

The families of two of the three employees shot to death at an East Side Pizza Hut have filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the manufacturer of the gun used to kill them and three parties involved in its various sales as it made its way to the two teens convicted in the killings. "The purpose of this lawsuit is to say that the unfettered manufacture, distribution and sale of handguns is wrong, and that the companies and people that promote it have to be held... (

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United States

18 January 2001

Detroit Free Press

NEW ORLEANS — So you've decided that next summer you'll get a permit to carry a concealed handgun. Your motive might be fear of crime, fascination with guns or simply an overdeveloped sense of machismo. Before you take advantage of the state's new concealed-carry law, take the advice of Brad Beckman of Philadelphia, general counsel for North American Arms of Salt Lake City, which manufactures handguns for personal protection. "My feeling is that your first way out... (

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United States

18 January 2001

Denver Post (Colorado)

A federal judge, raising concerns about whether an anti-gun project might be a bit too zealous, on Wednesday ordered prosecutors to reconsider the case of a woman who could be sentenced to a minimum of 63 months in prison for merely posing nude with a weapon in her hands. Katica Crippen, 33, of Colorado Springs was arrested by federal agents last fall after they learned she had posed nude with weapons for her boyfriend, who then put the photographs on the Internet. In... (

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United States

18 January 2001

Associated Press

JUNEAU — Alaskans taking firearms across Canada could face delays or even confiscation of their weapons if they don't follow new Canadian laws that went into effect Jan. 1. They'll pay a $33 fee just to cross into Canada with a firearm. Visitors hunting in Canada or just passing must complete a nonresident declaration form and pay a $50 (Canadian) confirmation fee, which amounts to about $33. The temporary license is valid for 60 days and can be renewed at any time... (

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United Kingdom

18 January 2001

This is London (UK)

Gangs who smuggle high powered guns into Britain for use in London are to be targeted in a joint police and Customs initiative. The move comes amid growing concern over the number of shootings in the capital and the increasing use of weapons such as sub-machineguns and powerful handguns. Senior police officers deny London is awash with guns, but others admit there is now a shooting or a firearms incident almost every night. Since the launch of Scotland Yard's... (

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United States

18 January 2001

Rocky Mountain News (Colorado)

BOULDER — The City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved sweeping changes to the city's gun ordinance. The rules ban minors from possessing rifles and shotguns in the city and create criminal charges for failing to prevent a minor's use of a gun. The measures also require gun owners to use recognizable carrying cases when transporting their weapons in public and provide protection against lawsuits for gun owners whose weapons were safely stored but were stolen and... (

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United States

18 January 2001

Baltimore Sun

An Essex woman known as a "neighborhood mom" was sentenced to 16 months in prison yesterday for purchasing the assault rifle that Joseph C. Palczynski used to kill four people during a two-week rampage last March. Constance A. Waugh, 48, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Marvin J. Garbis in a Baltimore courtroom packed with relatives of Palczynski's victims. Garbis said sentencing guidelines that locked him into imposing a maximum of 16 months were "very, very... (

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