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Gun Policy News, 16 January 2001

United States

16 January 2001

Democrats are continuing to say George W. Bush's nominee for attorney general, John Ashcroft, is in for a tough confirmation battle while Republicans are planning to bring a surprise witness to the hearings. John Ashcroft, President-elect George W. Bush's nominee for attorney general, is expected to face a tough grilling in three days of confirmation hearings that open today. Defeating Ashcroft's nomination has become a top goal of a broad coalition of groups... (

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United States

16 January 2001

Los Angeles Times

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — Teenage defendants wearing sky-blue jail jumpsuits file into an Alabama juvenile courtroom once a week for a session unique in American jurisprudence. The first-time offenders are a mix of whites and blacks, city and suburban kids who all share identical rap sheets: They have been caught carrying guns. They sit in silence, awaiting the start of "gun court," an experiment in hard justice and tough love that has taken root in conservative... (

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United States

16 January 2001

Christian Science Monitor

All the barbed words and press conferences surrounding John Ashcroft's nomination to be US attorney general may seem like little more than the posturing that lately accompanies more and more cabinet confirmations. But in this case, the politicking is not without a point. The very nature of the attorney general's job as enforcer of federal law grants the post more independence than other cabinet slots. As the nation's top law-enforcement official, the attorney general... (

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United Nations

16 January 2001


UNITED NATIONS — France and Switzerland have proposed putting a serial number and date on all small arms produced anywhere in the world so their movements can be traced, according to documents circulated on Tuesday. The plan, presented during a current preparatory meeting for a July conference on small arms trafficking, would require that the weapons be marked for identification purposes at the time they are made. Small arms, which include machine guns and rifles,... (

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