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Gun Policy News, 2 January 2001

United States

2 January 2001

KCRA (San Francisco)

A new law aimed at protecting kids playing with toy guns went into effect Monday. The measure requires the toy manufacturers to make toy guns look more like toys. Until now, the law only required toy guns to have an orange plug, or muzzle. However, the muzzles could be easily removed. "They just have to take off this orange part, and they could pretend it was a real gun and they could threaten people," parent Laurie Snodgrass said. Officers say that the law is not... (

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United Kingdom

2 January 2001

Telegraph (UK)

The post-Dunblane ban on handgun possession has done nothing to stop criminals getting their hands on firearms, according to Kate Hoey, the sports minister. She accuses fellow Labour MPs of taking "a very unfair attitude" towards legitimate shooting activities and says it is an activity that young children should be encouraged to participate in. The minister, a farmer's daughter who enraged the anti-shooting lobby with her praise of British winners at the Olympics and... (

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United States

2 January 2001

Philadelphia Inquirer, Opinion

The recent mass murder in Wakefield, Mass., is providing a number of valuable lessons in media coverage, the behavior of the anti-gun lobby, and most important, the effectiveness of gun laws. The brutalizing reality is that Michael McDermott, 42, a software tester at Edgewater Technology, an Internet company in Wakefield, is charged with walking into the office and killing seven of his coworkers. Turn on any news channel and you will see all the usual suspects.... (

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United States

2 January 2001

Boston Herald, Editorial

Massachusetts has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, and the tragedy in Wakefield is prompting calls to make them tougher. Such dreadful events often prompt emotional responses that make sponsors feel better even if they are of doubtful usefulness or constitutionality. That being said, the same events may prompt action on reasonable measures that can be of quite marked help. We hope the latter is the case with two bills in the Legislature. One, sponsored by... (

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2 January 2001

Calgary Herald (Alberta)

Native children younger than 12 can bear high-powered firearms without any formal training or adult supervision under Ottawa's new gun control law. Janet Long, spokesman for the Canadian Firearms Centre in Ottawa, said aboriginals get special treatment under the laws to allow them to practise their "traditional way of life." But a national gun advocate says giving natives special rights is "rubbish," and only promotes "anger and divisiveness" between aboriginals and... (

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United States

2 January 2001

Los Angeles Times

Benjamin Velasco carried a gun for his job as a security guard, but he did so reluctantly. He rarely touched it at work and refused to bring it near his family. But his caution around guns was not enough to protect him. The 31-year-old father of two girls was killed early New Year's morning after a stray bullet hit him in the back as he stood outside his mother's home in Willowbrook. Sheriff's investigators believe the bullet that struck the Lynwood man was fired as... (

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