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Gun Policy News, 30 December 2000

United States

30 December 2000

Fresno Bee (California)

Sunday is the deadline for owners of assault weapons in California to register their guns, but a move is under way to go to court early next month to seek an extension, a spokesman for the National Rifle Association said Friday. Steve Helsley, who works out of the NRA office in Sacramento, said the group wanted to file the suit before the Dec. 31 deadline, but that lawyers preparing the necessary documents ran out of time. "But we are still going to challenge it in... (

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30 December 2000

Calgary Herald (Alberta)

Gun owners are angry with the bureaucratic bungle which is the federal firearms registration system. They're right, as far as they go. The system is indeed bogged down, people who have applied in good faith before the deadline have yet to receive their licences and the whole exercise is costing a fortune. The only thing done promptly, it seems, is the cashing of the cheques for application fees. It is scandalous, but those who dwell upon it are missing the point. Even... (

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United States

30 December 2000

Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA)

Dennis Riley has been hearing about gun legislation since he was a teen-ager in the late 1960s, when the oldtimers at Gene's Trading Post in San Bernardino's grumbled about one of the first gun laws in the state. He's now a 25-year veteran of the retail gun business, and he said he's learned to adjust to changes in gun laws. But a new law starting Jan. 1 cuts right to the heart of used-gun sales at A-1 Wholesale Guns Inc. in Rialto, the business he runs with his wife,... (

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30 December 2000

Agence France Presse

With the arrival of the New Year, as many as five million law-abiding Canadian gun owners may become criminals, as a new national registry comes into effect. Starting January 1, the Canadian government is insisting that all gun owners obtain a license to own weapons. They will also have to register all their firearms with a central registry by January 1, 2003. The controversial law has sparked off seemingly unlikely alliances between the right-wing populist Canadian... (

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