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Gun Policy News, 25 December 2000

United States

25 December 2000

Los Angeles Times

My heart does a little dance every time I see a bunch of real guns that shoot real bullets turned into a gob of goo at a bonfire. Especially when those guns were used to commit crimes against the rest of us. And especially when the folks with the torch are a bunch of cops. Now here's a rare chance for you to get a front row seat to watch someone fight back against the gun makers. The Los Angeles Police Department on Thursday is going to melt down 2,200 handguns and... (

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United States

25 December 2000

Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh)

Her quick, bright smile holds the promise and optimism of youth. Her black wheelchair is the legacy of a horrific encounter with violence. Missy Jenkins was shot at her Paducah, Ky., school three years ago just after she had risen from her knees at a morning prayer session. "Right after we said, 'Amen,' I had enough time to walk to the middle of the lobby before a 14-year-old boy pulled a .22 out of his backpack," she said. She knew young Michael Carneal, mainly... (

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