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Gun Policy News, 18 December 2000

United States

18 December 2000

Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St Paul)

WASHINGTON, DC — Bill Penney remembers an older woman stopping in at his gun store in Robbinsdale, buying three or four pistols just two weeks apart. It just stuck out in his mind-like the young men who come in and buy handguns with $10 bills, the same denomination that buys a rock of crack cocaine. So Penney, owner of Bill's Gun Shop and Range, did what he often does when he suspects that "straw purchasers" are buying guns for criminals. He reported the sale to the... (

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United States

18 December 2000

Detroit Free Press

The last time Michigan's pro-gun lawmakers advanced their lunatic scheme to put a concealed weapon in every pocket, the news conspired against them. A Flint first-grader shot his classmate in the head, and President Clinton invited the victim's mother to the White House. The National Rifle Association fumed, but in Michigan, even the gun lobby's most zealous advocates understood it might be the wrong moment to shove 200,000 new concealed weapons permits down a... (

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United States

18 December 2000

CBS News (USA)

The Oval Office Edited extracts I don't think there's any doubt that, in at least five states I can think of, the NRA had a decisive influence because they disagreed with our attempts to close the gun show loophole and have child trigger locks, safety locks and ban large scale ammunition clips. You know, presumably, some people voted for him [Gore] because we were for those things. But one of the sad things about all gun safety legislation is that people tend to... (

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