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Gun Policy News, 16 December 2000


16 December 2000

Guardian (UK)

RAFAH Border, Gaza Strip — Three shots ring out in the still of the afternoon, and three Palestinians run for cover. The Israeli army sniper on the 25 metre-high security tower watches the men below scatter and dive for gaps in the concrete wall. As Sergeant Dan Jacobi pulls the trigger, one Palestinian shoves a wooden crate into waiting hands on the Gaza side of the wall: one more lethal cargo slipping past Israeli troops, one more shipment of arms and ammunition... (

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United States

16 December 2000

Detroit Free Press, Column

How embarrassing. The much-publicized year-end score-Gun Nuts, 1; Gun Grabbers, O-may well go down as the most memorable legacy of the state's 1999-2000 Legislature, a mark that will no doubt cause some observers to view Michigan, along with a number of other states, as a full-fledged subsidiary of the National Rifle Association. Some honor, eh? It results from passage late in Thursday's lame-duck finale (and after more than five years of often emotional, on-again,... (

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United States

16 December 2000

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Gun control activists may seek a state law that would require background checks for anyone renting a gun at a Washington firing range. Two suicides this month at Wade's Eastside Gun Shop in Bellevue signal the need for background checks, advocates say. Both suicides involved rented guns. "There seems to be a loophole in the law that allows these people to fly under the radar," said Bruce Gryniewski, director of Washington Ceasefire. "Requiring background checks is... (

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