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Gun Policy News, 13 December 2000

United States

13 December 2000

Los Angeles Times

PAHRUMP, Nevada — Californians looking for a place to stash their assault weapons to avoid a Dec. 31 registration deadline can send them to Second Amendment Drive, out here in the Nevada desert. It's the main drag through Front Sight, a planned resort community where residents would have, not only the right, but practically a responsibility, to bear arms. This is, after all, a place where even gun novices can come out for a day of submachine-gunning. One recent day,... (

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United States

13 December 2000

Charlotte Observer (North Carolina), Opinion

Galileo has ventured to meddle with things he ought not and with the most grave and dangerous subjects that can be stirred up these days! — Pope Urban VIII When Galileo dared insist the Earth was not the center of our universe, he was denounced for heresy and locked away. Lest you assume 367 intervening years have enlightened us, consider the experiences of Professor John Lott. A former chief economist for the United States Sentencing Commission and a fellow at the... (

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United States

13 December 2000

Dallas Morning News (Texas)

DALLAS — A new analysis of gun crime in Dallas concludes that criminals are finding ways to thwart federal laws that were designed to keep modern firearms out of their hands. The third annual Crime Gun Trace Report by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms shows that weapons traffickers are making legal purchases and then reselling weapons illegally to buyers whom the law was supposed to screen out. More than a third of guns traced from Dallas crimes... (

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