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Gun Policy News, 8 December 2000

United States

8 December 2000

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

A federal judge has ruled that a Utah man's constitutional right to bear arms does not negate a federal law that prohibits possession of firearms by those under domestic-violence protection orders. U.S. District Judge Dale Kimball said the Supreme Court has made it clear the Second Amendment offers no guarantee to keep and bear firearms unless there is "some reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well-regulated militia." "[And] five circuit... (

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United States

8 December 2000

Dallas Morning News (Texas)

A new analysis of gun crime in Dallas concludes that local criminals are finding ways to thwart federal laws that were designed to keep modern firearms out of their hands. The third annual Crime Gun Trace Report, released last week by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, shows that weapons traffickers are making legal purchases and then reselling weapons illegally to buyers whom the law was supposed to screen out. More than a third of guns traced from... (

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United Kingdom

8 December 2000

Press Association (UK)

Yoko Ono, widow of music legend John Lennon, today called for the world to reflect on the horrors of "gun violence" in a message to mark the 20th anniversary this week of his death. With the hundreds of thousands of people who have continued to die from gunshots, she compared living in the US to "living in a war zone". Ono, 67, whose husband was murdered two decades ago on Friday, has been a fervent advocate of gun control over the years. In her message, given to PA... (

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Solomon Islands

8 December 2000

ABC News (Australia)

No child in Solomon Islands will be getting a toy gun this Christmas. As part of the Townsville Peace Agreement that has brought the ethnic war in the Solomons to a halt, the Parliament in Honiara has passed a bill banning all imitation firearms. The Firearms and Ammunition Amendment Bill prohibits the manufacture, sale, carriage, possession and use of imitation firearms throughout the Solomons. Solomon Islands Police Minister William Haomae told Parliament the ban... (

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8 December 2000

Courier News (Chicago)

Ordinance proposal: Measure mandates tougher security, notes break-ins at B&L ELGIN — A local gun store owner said he is closing his business at year's end after city officials on Wednesday released a draft ordinance that would require stricter security measures at city gun shops. The proposed ordinance — originally requested by the police department — would require gun shop owners to have gates and bars over windows whenever their shops are closed. In addition,... (

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United States

8 December 2000

Wichita Eagle

Police Capt. Robert Lee says someone in the community knows who shot the young people. "We want that person to have the courage to do the right thing and call us," he said. By Deb Gruver, Hurst Laviana, Tim Potter And Novelda Sommers The Wichita EagleFour Wichita teens were found shot to death Thursday morning in what was the city's worst multiple killing in almost 27 years. A 15-year-old cousin of one of the victims discovered the two women and two men inside a... (

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