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Gun Policy News, 4 December 2000

United States

4 December 2000

Detroit News

Six people were killed and a dozen more were injured in Michigan during the first 15 days of this year's firearm deer hunting season, according to an official tally. One victim was a guy who just happened to be out for a walk in the woods on opening day and caught an errant bullet. At least one of the dead was a hunter mistaken for a deer by another hunter. According to authorities, two hunters died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds while carting their firearms up to... (

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United Kingdom

4 December 2000

Scotsman (Edinburgh)

It is only a few months until the fifth anniversary of the Dunblane massacre. Already it is half a decade since March 1995, when Thomas Hamilton killed himself after murdering 16 Primary One schoolchildren and their teacher. Mick North's beautiful five-year-old daughter, Sophie, was one of those who did not come home from school that day. Alongside many of her classmates, Sophie was targeted by Hamilton for reasons still largely unknown. Her father has now chosen to... (

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United States

4 December 2000

Chicago Tribune, Opinion

In most of the great Westerns there's a climactic scene where the fearless sheriff steps out on the street, faces the bad guy, and then, in a lightning-quick motion, draws his six-shooter from his … fanny pack? Maybe that's not exactly how Marshal Dillon did it. But in Illinois, one of only seven states that generally forbid citizens from carrying concealed firearms on their persons, gun enthusiasts think they have hit on a way around the law: Put the unloaded pistol... (

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United Kingdom

4 December 2000

Guardian (UK)

Britain's police are famed for walking the streets armed with nothing more lethal than a truncheon. But now, for the first time, bobbies on the beat in two violent districts of Nottingham are carrying guns. John Kampfner asks, is this the shape of things to come? Special report: policing crime From deep inside Sherwood forest, a revolution in British policing has begun. But its leaders deny it is any such thing. "There is nothing exceptional in what we're doing," says... (

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