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Gun Policy News, 2 December 2000

United States

2 December 2000

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin)

Stopping the flow of guns from licensed dealers and legal buyers to the hands of criminals remains a near impossible task, a new federal study shows. More than 84% of the "crime guns" confiscated by police in Milwaukee and traced to a licensed dealer changed hands at least once before reaching their ultimate users, according to a report on gun traces conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The third annual report is part of the agency's Youth... (

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United States

2 December 2000

Detroit Free Press

First, here's the bad news. Pro-CCW (for carrying concealed weapons) gun zealots-mostly Republicans but with some Democrats on board-are on a roll in the lame-duck Michigan Legislature. Their so-called shall-issue package-bills that would make hash of Michigan's fairly restrictive CCW permit process and say yes to any sane non-felon who wants to pack heat-is back on the fast track. And it may well be enacted into law beginning next week. By some estimates, the result... (

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