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Gun Policy News, 1 December 2000

United States

1 December 2000

APB News

WASHINGTON — Some gun policy experts are calling for states to give new consideration to one-gun-per-month laws in the wake of a government report showing almost a quarter of all guns used in the commission of a crime recovered in 1999 were originally part of multiple purchases. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms' annual report on gun traces released Thursday also shows that 11 percent of all guns recovered were legally bought by offenders from... (

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New Zealand

1 December 2000

Evening Post (Wellington)

Trentham Rifle Range has been shut down permanently. The closure of the country's most famous shooting range was announced today by Army chief Major General Maurice Dodson. He said the Trentham: range would be shut because it did not meet current safety standards. He also announced the permanent closure of ranges at Gisborne, Hastings and Dunedin for the same reason. The Trentham range was established in 1892 after it was gifted to "the shooters of New Zealand" by... (

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United States

1 December 2000

Philadelphia Inquirer

WASHINGTON — Interstate 95 is more than just a conduit for trucks and travelers: It's a veritable thunder road for gun-runners, a new federal study said. Firearms traffickers bring guns to Philadelphia and other northern cities from such states as North Carolina and Virginia, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The study found that 14 percent of the weapons used in gun crimes committed in Philadelphia last year originated in six Southeastern... (

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United States

1 December 2000

Detroit Free Press

LANSING — Michigan lawmakers are poised to enact statewide standards that would make it easier for people to obtain concealed weapons permits in many communities. The controversial measure has twice been withdrawn on the brink of passage in the wake of school shootings in Colorado and Michigan. But legislative leaders said Thursday that action could be taken as early as next week on the new effort to revise standards for issuing permits. If approved, the legislation... (

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United States

1 December 2000

Chicago Sun-Times

Federal agents are more likely to come across gun-toting kids in Chicago than in most other major cities when they investigate the ownership of firearms used in crimes. About 15 percent of the gun traces in Chicago last year involved juveniles 17 and younger, according to a report released Thursday by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco. The national average was 9 percent. "Chicago has four of the five largest street gangs in the nation here," ATF spokesman Tom... (

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