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Gun Policy News, 27 August 2000

United States

27 August 2000

Los Angeles Times

POWELL, Tennessee — Greg "Lumpy" Lambert may not cut the most impressive figure crunching across a bed of gravel at his roadside car lot, but he's one of the shrewdest used-car salesman this side of the Mason-Dixon line. On Saturday, he transformed his assemblage of dented Chevys and dusty Geos into a fistful of cash with an ingenious, albeit controversial, sales gimmick: Buy a car, get a gun. Usually, it's a toaster oven, a set of golf clubs or a trip to Hawaii... (

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United States

27 August 2000

Trentonian (New Jersey)

PRINCETON — Gun control activists rallied outside the Trinity Episcopal Church on Mercer Street yesterday decrying Republican Presidential candidate George W. Bush's support for unlimited gun use. "The National Rifle Association and Bush are bosom buddies," said Debra Wachspress of Lawrenceville, 34, the New Jersey coordinator for the Million Mom March Foundation, a San Francisco-based group dedicated to firearms control. "In 1995, Bush, as governor of Texas,... (

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United States

27 August 2000

Miami Herald

In the face of a lawsuit by the National Rifle Association and a wide-scale recall of nearly a million gun locks, the city of South Miami kicked off its controversial gun-safety awareness initiative Saturday by giving away more than 325 gun locks. The city has launched an aggressive campaign, lining the streets with "in-your-face" advertisements on gun safety. After passing an ordinance requiring the use of gun locks within city limits, the city began offering... (

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United States

27 August 2000

Denver Post (Colorado)

Clear trends finally may be emerging in the long struggle to understand why people in Colorado and other mountain states commit suicide far more than most Americans. The suicide connection, The Denver Post has found, lies in certain slices of the Western lifestyle — including isolation, access to guns and the fact that many residents have left close ties in other states. Those links don't fully explain why a Coloradan commits suicide every 14 hours, but they do show... (

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