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Gun Policy News, 28 April 2000

United States

28 April 2000

Detroit News

With a full-time job and two small children, the one thing Lori Mizzi-Spillane has very little of is time. So little of it, in fact, that she had to take a day off work last December to wrap her Christmas presents. But life is full of ironies. With scissors in hand and her holiday stress at an all-time high, Mizzi-Spillane of Troy just happened to glance at the Today Show in the midst of her wrapping frenzy. For 30 seconds, she watched three women from New Jersey,... (

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United States

28 April 2000

Boston Globe

It's a miracle! The Republicans want gun control! Just when we thought George W. Bush's first act as president would be to pin Charlton Heston with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the GOP has made one of the most dramatic turnarounds in political history. Until Elian Gonzalez, Republicans could not spell G-U-N even if you spotted them the G and the N. Now — Holy Magnum — they will hold hearings to find out why federal agents brandished guns to rescue Elian from... (

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New Zealand

28 April 2000

Press (Christchurch)

Criminal gangs were targeting licensed firearms collectors in the Wellington region, New Zealand First's law and order spokesman Ron Mark says. Up to 200 handguns had been stolen this year and he was "concerned that gang members are getting access to information about licensed gun collections that should only be available to the police" Mr Mark said the handguns being stolen were those collected by licensed owners or those stored in strong-rooms by approved pistol... (

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28 April 2000

Kyodo News

TOKYO — The government decided Friday to step up efforts to stop the rising incidence of the use of guns in crime, government officials said. The decision came at a meeting held at the prime minister's official residence after the National Police Agency released a report saying for first three months of this year, there were 50 crimes reported in which guns were involved, 1.6 times the corresponding period last year. Of the total, robbery involving guns rose to 37... (

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United States

28 April 2000


WASHINGTON — In the wake of Monday's shooting at Washington's National Zoo, President Bill Clinton will announce Friday that the White House and the District of Columbia are teaming up to try to remove 7,000 guns off the streets of the nation's capital, senior administration officials tell CNN. During an event at a Washington police academy, the president will announce that the federal government is teaming up with the district's government to share the cost of a new... (

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