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Gun Policy News, 11 April 2000

New Zealand

11 April 2000

Press (Christchurch), Editorial

The pro-gun lobbyists are once more up in arms. In their sights is the Arms Amendment Bill, a sensible piece of legislation that would require all guns to be individually registered. A huge number of negative submissions have been received from gun owners, some of whom warn there will be large-scale non-co-operation with firearm registration. They claim the bill is somehow a breach of individual freedom and would be ineffective in reducing firearms-related crime.... (

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United States

11 April 2000

New York Times, Series

SALT LAKE CITY — With the voices inside her head ordering her to kill, Lisa Duy walked into Doug's Shoot'n Sports here to buy a Smith & Wesson 9-millimeter semiautomatic pistol. For Doug's, the biggest gun store in Utah, the transaction was routine. The manager, Dave Larsen, called the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification to run a background check on Ms. Duy, and the agency quickly approved the sale, having found no record of felony convictions or mental... (

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United States

11 April 2000

Wall Street Journal

Gun foes, led by the Clinton administration, are threatening to use the purchasing power of law-enforcement agencies to pressure gun makers into changing the way they do business. But a close look at their plan reveals that the politicians' purse strings probably aren't as powerful as they claim. The administration and 70 mayors nationwide have declared that when it comes time to buy new handguns, they want police in their jurisdictions to favor firearm makers willing... (

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United States

11 April 2000


Monday night, less than two weeks after National Rifle Association President Charlton Heston spoke to a near-capacity crowd in Georgetown University's Gaston Hall, the opposing side of the gun control debate delivered its message, this time to a group of only 30 or so students. In an ongoing effort to highlight the issue of gun violence in America, the Lecture Fund brought Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) and Michael Barnes, a former congressman from Maryland... (

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United States

11 April 2000


DENVER — Gun control advocates on Tuesday placed 4,223 pairs of "empty shoes" on the steps of the Colorado state capitol to stand as silent witnesses to the memory of young people killed by guns in the United States each year. The "silent march" at the state capitol is the latest event in a campaign for stricter gun control laws in the aftermath of the 1999 Columbine High School massacre in suburban Denver. "The eyes of the nation are on Colorado. It's shameful, an... (

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United States

11 April 2000

Boston Globe, Editorial

Massachusetts may once again have fired the shot heard round the world. This time, it's the gun-control world, and words were the weapons, not Colonial muskets. The Bay State has laid down regulations that make up the strictest gun-control measures in the country. They went into effect immediately when Attorney General Thomas Reilly announced them. Now, all guns in Massachusetts have to have trigger locks, tamperproof serial numbers, and devices that show whether they... (

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United States

11 April 2000

Washington Post, Opinion

If you follow the gun issue at all, you're aware that last month Smith & Wesson, one of the oldest American gun manufacturers, signed a deal with several government entities at all levels. The primary purpose of this deal was to release Smith & Wesson from the lawsuits being filed against gun manufacturers seeking to hold them responsible for the criminal misuse of their products by unrelated third parties. Among other things, this agreement is a legally binding... (

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United States

11 April 2000

Associated Press

WASHINGTON — President Clinton wants something that Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening has: a gun safety bill. And he wants it before his presidency runs out. Clinton planned to express that desire today in Annapolis, where he was participating in a signing ceremony for a bill that made Maryland the first state in the nation to require by law built-in locks on handguns and other stringent gun-control rules. The event also kicks off Clinton's outside-the-Beltway bid to... (

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