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Gun Policy News, 6 March 2000


6 March 2000

Ottawa Citizen (Ontario)

The federal Liberal government is considering moving the central gun registration centre out of job-depressed New Brunswick if the Conservative province steps up its anti-gun-control position by boycotting the registry. The province has been warned of the potential fallout if it follows several other provinces in opting out of the new Firearms Act, says a briefing note obtained from the Justice Department through the Access to Information Act. At least 250 jobs have... (

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United States

6 March 2000

Washington Times

Steven J. Milloy is a biostatistician, lawyer, publisher of and adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute. There is no doubt that gun-control advocates will exploit the tragic shooting death of 6-year old Kayla Rolland by a 6-year old classmate and the shooting of five persons in Pittsburgh restaurants. Adding fuel to this fire may be a study published in the current Journal of the American Medical Association. A ban on the carrying of firearms in Cali and... (

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United States

6 March 2000


DENVER — "Pack an illegal gun. Pack your bags for prison." Advocates on both sides of the gun control divide in Colorado sent out that message on Monday when, in a rare display of unity, they stood on the same stage to back tougher enforcement of existing gun laws in the state still scarred by April's bloody massacre at Columbine High School. The executive vice president of the National Rifle Association (NRA), the father of a Columbine victim, and gun control... (

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United States

6 March 2000

Associated Press

DENVER — Both sides of the gun-control debate cheered the launch Monday of a $1 million Colorado public awareness campaign to deter crime. Colorado Project Exile, patterned after similar programs in Virginia, New York, Massachusetts Louisiana and Texas, brought together gun-control advocates, the National Rifle Association and local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Gun-control advocates James Brady, who was wounded by a gunman firing at President Reagan,... (

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