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Gun Policy News, 3 February 2000

United Kingdom

3 February 2000

Guardian (UK)

The Metropolitan police is to pay £55,000 in damages to 11 Kurdish refugees after armed officers stormed their rehearsal of a Harold Pinter play believing the amateur actors were armed with real guns. The out-of-court settlement was agreed yesterday as a district judge at central London county court criticised the "extraordinary state of affairs" which led to the arrest and five-hour detention of the theatre group, which included a boy aged 12. The group was... (

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United States

3 February 2000

Miami Herald, Opinion

Sheriff Ken Jenne's shooters put enough bullet holes in a typical home clothes dryer the other day to kill the entire appliance section at BrandsMart. If appliances were people. On some days, I'd take a clothes dryer's IQ over that of Jenne's press office. I don't care if Jenne's hotshots can riddle a front door with assault weapons, as they did Tuesday in what was supposed to be a scary display of firepower for the media. A bulldozer could splinter the door, too, but... (

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United States

3 February 2000

Denver Rocky Mountain News (Colorado)

Gov. Bill Owens' proposal to check the background of all buyers at gun shows is in trouble. Two Republican votes were needed to get HB 1242 out of House Appropriations Wednesday, but the matter was taken off the agenda because the votes weren't there. Appropriations chairman Rep. Steve Tool, R-Fort Collins, said he would vote for the gun-show proposal because, "I believe in the bill." But one more Republican vote is needed to join with the four Democrats to pass the... (

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United States

3 February 2000


WASHINGTON — When President Clinton proposed national licensing for gun owners in his State of the Union Address, his critics' response could be summed up as: "Bang, bang, it's dead." "Congress is not going to deal with that," confidently predicted Republican Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho, one of the staunchest foes of gun control in Congress. But if licensing, a radical departure by traditional U.S. gun law standards, has almost no chance of passage in Congress this... (

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