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Gun Policy News, 23 December 1999

United States

23 December 1999

Denver Rocky Mountain News (Colorado)

Colorado communities are rejecting President Clinton's $15 million gun buyback plan, saying they'd rather spend public housing money in other ways. The Denver Housing Authority did not apply for the federal grants this year, even after Mayor Wellington Webb joined Clinton in Washington in early September to announce the offer. "It would call for us to put up money we'd already put into other programs," said Sal Carpio, director of the Denver Housing Authority. The... (

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United States

23 December 1999

Los Angeles Times

WASHINGTON — Ever since the Vietnam War, the American infantryman's most valued tool and trusted friend has been the M-16, a lightweight but lethal rifle that can spew devastating torrents of high-speed fire. Soon the Army will be giving the foot soldier a new battlefield companion, a high-tech weapon designed to revolutionize the timeless tactics of combat by giving U.S. troops the ability, in effect, to shoot around corners. The new weapon, which looks like a... (

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