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Gun Policy News, 4 December 1999

United States

4 December 1999

Denver Post (Colorado)

A Colorado Springs legislator wants to try again next year to allow more Coloradans to carry concealed handguns, reopening one of the most divisive issues of the last legislative session. State Sen. Maryanne Tebedo, R-Colorado Springs, said she is working on a bill that would require police and sheriff's departments to issue permits to carry concealed handguns. It also would create a uniform set of criteria to go by in issuing permits. "You have some county sheriffs... (

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United States

4 December 1999

Washington Post, Editorial

The hard-line gun gang revels in deriding new Maryland gun-safety proposals, no matter how sensible the ideas may be. But many gun makers and owners are standing apart. The latest recommendations are likely to come before the legislature next month, the work of a task force convened by Gov. Glendening. They would incorporate the newest firearms technology with basic requirements designed to reduce accidental deaths, suicides and incidents involving children. One... (

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United States

4 December 1999

Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh)

Last year, Jerry Johnson of the Hill District ran from police who suspected him of stealing a car and was caught carrying a loaded .38-caliber revolver without a license-a felony offense. He was sentenced to jail for four months, followed by two years of probation. In July, police in the Hill District said they caught Johnson again carrying a loaded gun when they arrested him on drug possession charges. He posted bond and got out. A month later, police arrested him... (

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United States

4 December 1999

Associated Press

TORONTO — With song, speeches, and a continuing push for gun control, Canadians on Saturday remembered the 14 women killed in the country's worst mass shooting ten years ago. On Dec. 6, 1989, a 25-year-old man dressed in hunting clothes and firing a semiautomatic rifle shot the women in classrooms and the cafeteria of the Ecole Polytechnique at the University of Montreal. When he realized his final victim was still alive, Marc Lepine stabbed her to death with a... (

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