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Gun Policy News, 30 September 1999

United States

30 September 1999

Los Angeles Times

SAN FRANCISCO — In a landmark decision, a California Court of Appeal ruled Wednesday that gun makers can be sued for promoting their products to people who use them in crimes such as murder. The 2-1 ruling by the 1st District Court of Appeal in San Francisco is the first in the nation by an appellate court to allow victims of shootings to sue gun makers for negligence for increasing the risk of criminal violence, according to lawyers in the case. The decision allows... (

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United States

30 September 1999

San Francisco Examiner

Gun control advocates are applauding the nation's first appellate-level court ruling to declare that gun manufacturers can be held accountable in criminal shootings. Wednesday's decision by California's First District Court of Appeal allows the families of victims in the 1993 massacre at 101 California St. to proceed with their lawsuit against the maker of the guns used in the shootings. In a 2-1 ruling, the court said Navegar Inc., the Miami-based company that makes... (

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United States

30 September 1999

Toledo Blade (Ohio)

Guns don't hurt people. Gavels hurt people. Well, almost. During Tuesday's city council meeting, where controversial gun legislation was narrowly passed, council prez Peter Ujvagi, hoping to restore order, banged his gavel — and watched the business end snap and fly toward the folks at the podium. "It almost nailed me," said a good-natured John Madigan, the city law department's general counsel, chief architect of municipal gun control — and member of the... (

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United Kingdom

30 September 1999

Associated Newspapers Ltd (UK)

Armed police operations in London are rising year on year while more people are reporting the use of firearms in crime, according to new statistics. The latest figures show the number of police operations in London where guns were issued to officers rose steadily over the last three years to a total of 2,885 in 1997, one of the highest figures in recent times. The Home Office survey also shows the number of offences where guns were reported to have been used has also... (

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