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Gun Policy News, 28 September 1999

United States

28 September 1999

Los Angeles Times

Negotiators for firearms makers and major U.S. cities met privately Monday in Washington to discuss the potential for settling the wave of municipal lawsuits that have engulfed the handgun industry. Participants, including Los Angeles City Atty. James K. Hahn, declined to give details but said further meetings are planned, suggesting possible areas of common ground. Beginning with New Orleans and Chicago last fall, 26 cities and counties have sued the handgun... (

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United States

28 September 1999

Chicago Tribune

Illinois State Police have a warning for those who try to buy guns when they know they are prohibited from doing so: You may have gotten away with it in the past, but try again and you might go to jail. Under a new procedure that is beginning to yield arrests, state police are tipping off local and federal law enforcement officials whenever someone is denied a gun purchase in Illinois because of background problems-including mental illness, prior convictions or other... (

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United States

28 September 1999

Baltimore Sun

Gun rights advocates said yesterday that any plan to require guns sold in Maryland to include advanced child safety features would put legitimate dealers out of business. Representatives of gun owners, dealers and Maryland's largest firearms manufacturer outlined their case against Gov. Parris N. Glendening's "smart guns" initiative at a meeting of the governor's Task Force on Childproof Guns. "What you're looking at is revolutionary public policy," said Greg Costa,... (

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United States

28 September 1999

Toledo Blade (Ohio)

An amendment to exempt current gun owners from a proposed handgun ban would weaken the law and make it unenforceable, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner said yesterday. The Toledo city council is scheduled to vote today on the measure, proposed by Mr. Finkbeiner, which would ban "Saturday Night Special" handguns: small, easily concealed weapons without manual safety devices that gun control advocates say are used frequently to commit crimes like armed robbery. The amendment... (

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