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Gun Policy News, 13 September 1999

United States

13 September 1999

Los Angeles Times

NEW YORK — Once again, a gunman's rampage has scarred California, and as America tries to make sense of the violence, the news media are under fire. Lamenting the voyeuristic coverage of an attack that shocked the nation's conscience, some critics are blasting journalists for turning yet another gun-wielding psychopath into a household name. "These persons yearn for publicity," writes one, "and the press, while reporting the essential facts, has a responsibility to... (

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United States

13 September 1999

Toledo Blade (Ohio)

Karen Dickson still says "good night" to her son's picture by her bedside before she falls asleep each evening. She often sees him in other boys with the same haircut or gait. She wonders whether he'd be married or have children by now, or whether he would have joined the U.S. Marine Corps, as he had planned. Ms. Dickson wonders too how many more people will die by gunfire. On Wednesday, she and others will gather for the annual A.N.D.R.E.W. Silent March, which... (

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United States

13 September 1999

United Press International

LYNN, Massachusetts — State police said today they boarded a 35-foot sloop displaying the Jolly Roger skull and crossbones pirate flag off the coast north of Boston last night, seized five semiautomatic weapons and ammunition and arrested the boat's owner on various weapons charges. The Massachusetts State Police Marine Unit responded to a report of automatic weapons being fired from the sloop about a mile off Swampscott. Troopers and the Coast Guard boarded the... (

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