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Gun Policy News, 2 September 1999


2 September 1999

Canberra Times

Fears the ACT [Australian Capital Territory]'s tough gun control laws, reputedly the strictest in the country, might not be as tough as first thought were allayed yesterday by a Canberra magistrate. In a test-case ruling, Magistrate Beth Campbell declared a gun-owner could not leave firearms unattended in his car for any period of time at all. Before the court was a Curtin man, Tommy Dugec, charged with failing to securely store two Ruger pistols. The weapons were... (

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United States

2 September 1999

San Francisco Chronicle

By a whopping 2-to-1 ratio, Californians support stronger gun control laws and believe it is more important to control gun ownership than protect Americans' right to bear arms, a new Field poll shows. The poll on gun control suggests trouble in California for Republicans in the 2000 election-notably GOP front-runner George W. Bush, whose campaign trip to Los Angeles today includes a school visit and a speech before the Latin Business Association. "There is a feeling... (

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