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Gun Policy News, 1 September 1999

United States

1 September 1999

Christian Science Monitor

WASHINGTON — Three million Americans — a record number — are packing hidden heat under laws passed during the past 12 years. Thirty-one states allow citizens to carry concealed firearms if they have a permit, and as many as 15 more states could pass concealed-weapons laws this fall. What's the effect of this been on crime rates in the United States? That's where the real debate begins. As more than a dozen state legislatures stand poised to take up their own... (

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United States

1 September 1999

American Prospect

The street guy told the dealer he needed some guns to replace one he had lost the previous Saturday. The dealer was sympathetic. Were you caught with the gun? he wanted to know. No, the man said. He had run and hadn't been caught, but along the way he ditched the gun and the cops got it. Now he wanted new guns because he had figured out who had "ratted me out" to the police, he said, and he had to "settle up." They agreed on replacement guns and the dealer said to come... (

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