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Gun Policy News, 6 June 1999

United States

6 June 1999

Boston Globe

WASHINGTON — The Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalog, dated 1908, featured a Smith & Wesson gun with a marketing slogan that seems tailor-made for today: childproof. This hand-me-down of American advertising surfaced in legal debate this weekend, as one lawyer at a conference on guns tried to demonstrate that gunmakers recognized the need to design hard-to-squeeze, child-resistant guns as far back as the 1870s, but failed to pursue designs that might have averted more... (

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United States

6 June 1999

Associated Press

NEW YORK — Two New York state senators want to shoot down a bill backed by the National Rifle Association. The measure would encourage public schools to adopt an NRA program on gun safety. The program consists of cartoons in which a bird named Eddie Eagle tells kids: "If you see a gun, stop, don't touch — leave the area, tell an adult." The two senators say the best way to prevent gun accidents is to keep guns out of homes. And they say the NRA would never teach... (

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United States

6 June 1999

Washington Post

Maryland Gov. Parris N. Glendening (D) set the stage for another battle over gun control yesterday by reviving his on-again, off-again proposal to require that all new handguns sold in the state be equipped with "childproof" locks. With gun-control politics changing drastically since the Littleton, Colo., school massacre in April, Glendening established a 21-member task force and ordered it to draft legislation mandating that all new handguns in Maryland include some... (

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