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Gun Policy News, 12 January 1999

United States

12 January 1999

Denver Post (Colorado)

A Denver police officer who was convicted nearly four years ago of domestic violence came a step closer Monday to losing his job. Police Chief Tom Sanchez recommended that Alex Woods Jr. be "disqualified" from service under a federal law barring anyone convicted of domestic violence from carrying a gun. The recommendation now goes to Manager of Safety Butch Montoya. "I will be compelled to abide by federal law," Montoya said, adding that he hopes to review the case... (

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United Kingdom,United States

12 January 1999

Telegraph (UK)

Tomkins, the conglomerate, said yesterday that growth rates were slowing … Tomkins's executive chairman, Gregory Hutchings … [said] new US gun legislation had hurt sales of Smith & Wesson hand... (

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United States

12 January 1999

Chicago Tribune

NEW YORK — In a trial that may foreshadow the fate of Chicago's $433 million lawsuit against the firearms industry, a federal court jury is being asked to decide whether companies that make and distribute handguns should be held responsible for the deaths and injuries caused by their products. The panel of 10 women and two men is hearing some of the same legal arguments that figure prominently in the Chicago suit, which Mayor Richard Daley announced in November. At... (

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United States

12 January 1999

Kansas City Star (Missouri)

Missourians take notice. The great experiment is near at hand. The state may seem quiet at the moment, what with residents thawing out from the deep freeze and lawmakers worrying about a U.S. Senate race next year. But the calm deceives. Missouri is about to become a testing ground, and no city or hamlet can opt out of the trials. On April 6 the state will become the first to let voters decide whether people can legally carry concealed weapons. Short of putting the... (

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United States

12 January 1999

Los Angeles Times

A Santa Ana teenager died Monday after accidentally shooting himself in the head while he, his sister and a friend played with a gun they thought was unloaded, police said. The teen, identified by the coroner as 15-year-old Michael Flessa, was rushed to UCI Medical Center in Orange shortly after the noon shooting. He was pronounced dead about 90 minutes later. Neighbors in the tight-knit Baker Street apartment complex described the victim as a quiet person devoted to... (

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12 January 1999

Associated Press

TIRANA, Albania — Trying a new tactic in the war against guns, the United Nations intends to offer telephones and better roads to encourage Albanians to turn in more than a half million illegal weapons. U.N. officials are not sure the aid programs will provide the key to eliminating illegal weapons in a country described in a recent U.N. report as the "Land of the Kalashnikov." But they feel they must keep trying. Having so many weapons in a nation of 3 million... (

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