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Gun Policy News, 24 December 1998

United States

24 December 1998

Associated Press

NEW YORK — The firearms industry, which has defeated claims that it has made defective guns and makes an inherently dangerous object, next month will have to answer a new legal challenge: that it negligently markets a legal product. The class-action liability suit, based on the legal approach that proved very effective against Big Tobacco, was brought in 1995 by the families of seven shooting victims who are seeking unspecified damages. When the case goes before a... (

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United States

24 December 1998

Los Angeles Times, Editorial

The California Supreme Court Tuesday demonstrated itself to be eminently more sensible than Pete Wilson on the issue of gun control. Unanimously and without comment, the court, in effect, upheld the right of cities to ban the sale of cheap handguns within their borders. Earlier this year the state Legislature, despite tough industry resistance, passed a law banning the sale of so-called Saturday night specials — cheap handguns that can be lethal on either end of the... (

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