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Gun Policy News, 15 December 1998

United States

15 December 1998

Boston Globe

Continuing its campaign against gun violence and the entire handgun industry, the city of Boston plans to announce today that the police force will begin using new, personalized gun locks, becoming the first major department in the country to mandate the combination locks. The plan will equip all 2,247 officers with the $79.95 lock — a black device that can be unlocked within seconds, even in pitch darkness, but is impenetrable to children, the manufacturer... (

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15 December 1998


ARKHABGEKSK — A hunter has gunned down his two companions when hunting for an elk on Monday. Both men have been instantly killed. The dramatic incident took place in the taiga 20 kilometers off the settlement of "Zaozerny" in the Arkhangelsk region. Head of the press service of the Arkhangelsk Interior Department Valery Tarasov told Itar-Tass that the 50-year-old woeful hunter had fired at an unidentified target" from his gun in a snowy forest, according to a police... (

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