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Gun Policy News, 10 December 1998

United States

10 December 1998

States News Service

WEST PALM BEACH — A lone gun is being linked to eleven shootings and several suspects across Palm Beach County today … but police do not have the weapon. Investigators have been using the F-B-I's "Drugfire" computer database to scan hundreds of bullet shell casings per minute. Eleven of those shells have been matched to one gun that police say is still "out there," being passed around among suspects. They say it has been used to wound and murder people. Police had... (

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United Kingdom,Northern Ireland

10 December 1998


OSLO — Northern Irish Protestant leader David Trimble piled pressure on hardline IRA guerrillas to disarm on Thursday when he and Catholic politician John Hume received the Nobel Peace Prize for their work to end bloodshed. "Common sense dictates that I cannot for ever convince society that real peace is at hand if there is not a beginning to the decommissioning of weapons as an earnest of the decommissioning of hearts that must follow," said Trimble, First Minister... (

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