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Gun Policy News, 7 December 1998

United States

7 December 1998

National Law Journal (USA), p. A01

Two lawsuits recently filed by the cities of Chicago and New Orleans against gun manufacturers are a direct offspring of the legal battle against the tobacco industry. And other industries fear they may be the next target. Set against the backdrop of the recent $206 billion tobacco settlement, gun control advocates see a similar opportunity to hold gun manufacturers financially accountable for the harm their products do. Meanwhile, gun manufacturers, like cigarette... (

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7 December 1998

Herald Sun (Melbourne)

Thugs who shot two security guards after being refused entry to a Prahran night spot tried to shield their violence from surveillance cameras. Four men denied entry to the Dome nightclub brawled with unarmed bouncers in front of up to 100 clubbers before one man pulled out a small calibre handgun and fired two shots early yesterday. Many of the venue's 600 patrons were oblivious to the bloodshed and continued partying inside. One of the bouncers, Nick, 33, was shot... (

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7 December 1998

Africa News Service

MAPUTO — Mozambique's police chief of armaments and explosives in Maputo, Inspector Salvador Mate, has been jailed for allegedly supplying guns to an armed gang, MediaFax reported on Monday. Gang members have also been detained and have allegedly submitted "factual proof" in the form of photographs illustrating the inspector's involvement with the gang. Mate's arrest supports assertions in the Maputo press that the crime rate in Mozambique is worsened by... (

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United States

7 December 1998

Denver Post (Colorado)

As Colorado prepares to launch its first border-to-border fight against suicide, the state is quietly soliciting help from a controversial source — the National Rifle Association. Several members of Gov. Roy Romer's special commission on suicide confirmed that their panel has been talking with the NRA and that the powerful gun lobby is interested in helping Colorado reduce its historically high suicide rate. That partnership is just one piece of the state's sweeping... (

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United States

7 December 1998

Arizona Republic

A father's oversight cost the life of his 3-year-old son and left his Sunnyslope family grieving Sunday. Rosario Moreno, 28, was home with his wife and several children about 1 p.m., when he began cleaning his 9mm handgun, Phoenix police spokesman Mike Torres said. Moreno told police he thought the gun was unloaded. But a bullet left in the chamber discharged, killing Moreno's son, Jesus. The child was dead when paramedics arrived. Few details were available Sunday... (

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United States

7 December 1998


WASHINGTON — The FBI Monday said it had rejected 951 — or just over half of one percent — of the 177,391 gun sales requested since it began doing "instant" background checks under a new law that went into Nov. 30. The law affects gun buyers in nearly half of the states, where a minimum five-day waiting period expired in favour of the background checks. Under the law, 16 states exercised an option to conduct all of their own background checks. Eleven other states... (

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United States

7 December 1998

Triangle Business Journal (North Carolina), Editorial

The recent shooting death of a North Carolina State University student has once again provoked soul searching and hand wringing about underage drinking and the apparent abuse of alcohol on college campuses across the state. It is a real problem and one that deserves our attention. But most of the stories about the incident and most of the reaction fails to address another problem that we must face — the role that guns and access to guns plays in violence and death,... (

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