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Gun Policy News, 23 November 1998

United States

23 November 1998

Chicago Tribune, Opinion

WASHINGTON, DC — John R. Lott Jr. gets an A for effort in his ongoing attempt to convince Tribune readers that any attempt to regulate firearms is misguided (Commentary, Nov. 17). Luckily, the public isn't buying it: As noted in a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine, more than three-quarters of all citizens support reasonable restrictions on guns, such as background checks, limits of gun purchases to one per month and requirements that owners... (

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23 November 1998

Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

Hundreds of weapons handed in during the guns buy-back scheme have allegedly been stolen by NSW police officers and passed to criminal gangs or turned in again for money. The Australian Federal Police have launched an investigation after audits revealed buy-back guns earmarked for destruction had either gone missing,been handed in twice, or found back on the streets. The Daily Telegraph has learned the secret AFP investigation, codenamed Task Force Majorca, was... (

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23 November 1998


MOSCOW — Russian Interior Minister Sergei Stepashin called for using more severe punishment for illegal possession of arms. Stepashin said his ministry will submit such proposals to the government on Friday along with draft documents envisaging tougher anti-crime measures. Some of such measures include reducing the number of private security firms, making arms less available and imposing more severe punishment for illegal possession of arms of up to 15 years in... (

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