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Gun Policy News, 21 November 1998


21 November 1998

Sydney Morning Herald

Hundreds of high-powered assault rifles, grenades, anti-tank mines and even rocket launchers are missing from Army bases in NSW and other States in what appears to be an organised theft operation. Australian Federal Police and the Army have refused to comment, but a top secret investigation code-named Task Force Majorca has been running for 18 months and involves the AFP and the Army's Special Investigation Branch. A spokesman for the Minister for Defence, Mr Moore,... (

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United States

21 November 1998


1) When lawsuits make policy In many places in America it is now easier to carry a concealed weapon in public than it is to smoke a cigarette. Is it possible that America has its priorities a bit, shall we say, upside down? Tobacco and guns raise passions in America to an intensity which appears bizarre to the rest of the world. Both tobacco and guns harm people. How best to warn of their dangers and regulate their use is an issue everywhere. But no other country has... (

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