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Gun Policy News, 13 November 1998

United States

13 November 1998

Chicago Tribune

With a rhetorical flourish and an untried legal strategy, Chicago jumped into the national debate on gun control Thursday, filing a $433 million lawsuit against gun shops, manufacturers and distributors and labeling them "a public nuisance." Mayor Richard Daley, announcing the suit in a well-choreographed event complete with video clips, charged that the defendants are willing partners of gangbangers, drug dealers and other criminals. "If money is the only language... (

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United States

13 November 1998

Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Maybe you have a gun at home. Maybe not. But what about the homes where your children go to play? A new survey by a gun-control group suggests you might want to ask questions. The Center to Prevent Handgun Violence says there's both a gun and a child in over 40 percent of American homes. And in many cases, the guns are kept loaded. Nearly three-quarters of gun-owning parents doubt their kids would find a weapon or handle it without permission. The... (

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13 November 1998

Australian (Sydney)

After the Lakemba police station shooting, the gun lobby is predictably whooping "we told you so! The gun buyback was a monumental waste of money." With the national armed robbery volume up some 47% (although dating from a period prior to the buyback ending), no downturn in gun suicides or domestic slayings, and now the apparent use of a semi-automatic in the drive-by at Lakemba, was it all for nothing? Twelve months after the buyback ended, what should we expect from... (

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United States

13 November 1998


WASHINGTON — A gun-control group on Friday suggested American parents keep vigilant not only about guns in their own homes but in the homes of others as two-fifths of households with children have guns. The survey by the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence found that 43 percent of homes have both guns and children, and 23 percent of those keep the gun loaded. The survey found that 28 percent of the gun-owners with children keep the gun hidden but not locked up.... (

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