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Gun Policy News, 25 August 1998

New Zealand

25 August 1998

Associated Press

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — New Zealanders will have to register their firearms and police will monitor mentally unstable or high-risk gun owners under new government measures announced today. The long-awaited reforms will give the country's 93,000 unlicensed gun owners six months to register their guns. The measures stopped short of banning semiautomatic weapons despite widespread public support for such action. An estimated 15,000 of the weapons are thought to be in... (

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New Zealand

25 August 1998

New Zealand Press Association

WELLINGTON — Police fear firearms stolen in a recent spate of Wellington burglaries will be used to commit violent crimes. Wellington police firearms officer Jim O'Leary said about 15 firearms had been stolen from houses in the capital during the past month, including shotguns, .22 and .303 rifles. None of the weapons had been kept in secure cabinets as required by Firearms Regulations. 'There are 14 to 15 (stolen) firearms in the last month which are now in the... (

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