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Gun Policy News, 11 August 1998


11 August 1998

International Herald Tribune

KAZANLAK, Bulgaria — For 34 years, the Soviet-designed AK-47 Kalashnikov rifle was the basis of the fortune of the state-owned Arsenal arms and machinery works sprawled around this dreary city in Bulgaria's Valley of the Roses. The Kalashnikov is easy to use, easy to clean and highly reliable. It is also cheap to produce. Arsenal's Kalashnikov was regarded as one of the East bloc's finest, and over 1 million of the submachine guns found their way from here to the... (

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11 August 1998

ABC Radio 5AN (Adelaide), Transcript

Brisbane's Magistrate's Court has upheld the validity of Australia's uniform gun legislation and the Queensland Weapons Act in a case described as a publicity stunt. As Cheryl Levy reports, Martin Essenberg told the court he was using the judicial process to protest against gun laws in the lead-up to the Federal election. Reporter: Martin Essenberg of Nananngo told the court he was a conscientious objector to Australia's gun laws. He tried to have the Magna Carta and... (

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