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Gun Policy News, 3 August 1998

United States

3 August 1998

New York Times

SOFIA, Bulgaria — Once the renowned supplier of weapons for the Soviet Union, this Balkan country has become the arms bazaar for rebels and terrorist organizations of every political, ethnic and religious persuasion, Western officials and experts in the small arms trade say. Weapons shipments have gone to rebel groups in Congo and Angola who are threatening violence and to Eritrea, adding to Washington's fears about the escalation of fighting in the Horn of Africa.... (

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3 August 1998

Sydney Morning Herald

Sporting shooters say the new firearms registration law, which came into effect at midnight on Friday, has placed an unfair burden on gun clubs and their officials. Speaking during their weekend practice at Long Bay yesterday, they said recreational shooters had been the victims of politics, lobbying by gun control groups, and a biased media. During the last year shooting clubs have had to deal with a big rise in membership applications from firearm owners who have... (

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United Kingdom

3 August 1998

Independent Television News (ITN) (UK)

One Royal Mail manager was shot dead and a second was critically injured after they called at a house as part of an inquiry into reports of missing post. A third Royal Mail employee over-powered the gunman during a struggle at the address in Ellesmere, Shropshire, this morning. West Mercia police said the dead man was aged 37 and came from Cheshire. The critically injured man, aged 53, was airlifted to hospital after the incident and was tonight undergoing surgery to... (

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