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Gun Policy News, 1 July 1998

United Kingdom

1 July 1998


LONDON — Britain set out plans on Wednesday to tighten controls on arms exports in an attempt to avoid a repetition of the arms-to-Iraq affair which damaged the previous Conservative government. Trade and Industry secretary Margaret Beckett published draft legislation which would, for the first time, give parliament the right to scrutinise changes to restrictions on defence exports. The move follows the report two years ago by Sir Richard Scott into the... (

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United States

1 July 1998

Time (USA), Transcript

Timehost: This week, TIME returned to a topic it first looked at 30 years ago … Guns in America. Tonight we have with us a man who is the subject of one of the stories in the package — John Lott, of the University of Chicago, whose book "More Guns, Less Crime" argues that allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons actually lowers crime rates. We are also joined by someone who is in direct opposition to Mr. Lott's theory. He is Douglas Weil, director of research... (

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1 July 1998

Australian Associated Press

SYDNEY — The state government today announced a one month amnesty for gun owners to register firearms after claims yesterday that thousands of guns would be unregistered because the government had failed to properly advertise new laws. The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia NSW said yesterday the government would have to implement an immediate amnesty to encourage more people to register guns. The association said firearms would remain unregistered unless... (

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