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Gun Policy News, 30 May 1998

United States

30 May 1998


An apparent spate of killings in schools and by schoolchildren — the latest on May 21st in Springfield, Oregon — means only one thing to advocates of gun control: there are too many guns around. But many Americans seem to have drawn the opposite conclusion: that making guns more available is the way to make the country safer. On May 15th the Missouri legislature authorised a statewide referendum on a proposed concealed-weapons law, which would allow thousands more... (

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United States

30 May 1998

San Jose Mercury News (California)

SAN FRANCISCO — Upping the ante on gun control — an issue she has seized on in the final days of the governor's race — Rep. Jane Harman on Friday said she would require the licensing and registration of all guns. In response, Democratic front-runner Lt. Gov. Gray Davis, who has waffled on the issue during the campaign, agreed "in principle" with the idea of licensing and registration of handguns. But his spokesman, Garry South, later said Davis does not support... (

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