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Gun Policy News, 27 April 1998


27 April 1998

Sydney Morning Herald

At least 300,000 banned semi-automatic and automatic guns remain in the community in NSW seven months after the end of the national firearms buy-back scheme, documents obtained by the Herald reveal. Despite repeated denials from NSW police that there was an official buy-back target, the documents show that they expected to retrieve 450,000 illegal weapons and make an average compensation payment of $350 during the amnesty from July 1996 to September 1997. Only 155,285... (

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New Zealand

27 April 1998

Radio New Zealand

AUCKLAND — The New Zealand family of Tasmanian massacre victim Jason Winter are marking the second anniversary of his death with an emotional plea to the Government to get tough on gun control. The young winemaker was one of 35 people shot dead with semi-automatic weapons in Port Arthur by gunman Martin Bryant on April 28, 1996. His father, Barry Winter of Auckland, has attacked the Government as cowardly for not taking positive action on firearms legislation. And... (

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