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Gun Policy News, 26 April 1998

United States

26 April 1998

Chicago Tribune

In the weeks since the tragic shooting in Jonesboro, Ark., there has been an avalanche of questions about the children who fired the guns. Some ask "why?" Did the children watch too much television, or play too many video games? Is Southern culture to blame? Was family instability responsible? Are the boys mentally ill and, if so, shouldn't someone have known? Other questions ask "how?" These have focused on the availability of guns. As a pediatrician and urban... (

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26 April 1998

Israel's Business Arena

Israel Military Industries (IMI) has decided to cancel production of Uzi rifles in the US in the factories of its partner Mossberg, so as not to put at risk future large arms deals with the US military, IMI and military sources told "Globes" today. IMI looked into transferring production to Florida or Connecticut, to circumvent the ban imposed by US President Bill Clinton on the importing of the rifles into the US. However, IMI sources said today that the company was... (

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