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Gun Policy News, 8 April 1998


8 April 1998

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

TEL AVIV — TAAS-Israel Industries, banned from exporting a semiautomatic version of the Uzi submachine gun into the US, is now exploring the prospect of producing the weapon through an American company. TAAS executives said production of the Uzi in the US would circumvent the executive order issued by US President Bill Clinton on Monday that permanently barred the import of 58 assault weapons that were modified for sport shooting. The modification was a loophole... (

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8 April 1998

Sydney Morning Herald

Australia's biggest firearm distributor, Sydney company Fuller Firearms, is to close after more than 50 years in the trade because of a massive slump in sales following the national firearms buyback program. The company's owner, Mr David Fuller, said yesterday that he would close the doors of his Auburn warehouse at the end of the financial year after filing a multi-million-dollar compensation claim with the Federal Government. Mr Fuller, whose father, Malcolm,... (

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United Kingdom

8 April 1998

Telegraph (UK)

Police sirens and flashing blue lights shattered the peace of a village after a gun was seen being fired from a cottage window. More than 30 armed officers surrounded the cottage and the village was sealed for two hours as police waited for the suspect to emerge. Marksmen trained Heckler and Koch automatic rifles on the terraced home and a negotiator crouched behind a car shouting through a loud hailer: "We have you surrounded. Come out with your hands in the... (

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United Nations

8 April 1998

Washington Post, Editorial

The world's peddlers of outlandishly deadly weapons go to such devious lengths to pump their products into America's criminal market that every attempt to write protections into the law needs constant monitoring. It is this sophisticated subterfuge of firearms suppliers that has led to President Clinton's latest order barring permanently the importation of 58 semiautomatic assault-style weapons that have been finding their way around a 1994 ban. Most of the affected... (

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