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Gun Policy News, 2 April 1998

United Kingdom

2 April 1998

Telegraph (UK)

A gun that uses biometrics to shoot only when held by authorised users might provide a solution for the current crisis surrounding the use of handguns. Following [Dunblane, and Jonesboro] in America, legislators and gun clubs have been searching for a way to make guns safer without outlawing their use. The answer could be a tiny biometric chip built into the side of guns to read the user's fingerprint. Previous efforts to make firearms respond only to certain users,... (

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United States

2 April 1998

Houston Chronicle (Texas)

I once had a verbal battle so harsh with one of my sons that, at one point he said, "You know, Ma? If I had a gun, I'd shoot you." Do I think he'd have shot me? Not really. Do I think he meant it? Absolutely. He'd have repented the rest of his life. But there's a small chance that, had my son been able to get hold of a gun at that instant, I'd been looking on the floor for my kneecaps. Some things in the world defy understanding. But the volley of shots fired into... (

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South Africa

2 April 1998

Star (South Africa)

In 1997 police lost 1,802 guns mostly through robbery or housebreaking. A total of 932 firearms were robbed form police service members, 321 were lost because of housebreaking into private and official quarters, 40 were stolen from state vehicles, 44 were stolen from private vehicles, and 35 were stolen after vehicle collisions in which police were killed or injured. Replying to further questions, Minister Mufamadi said 89 firearms were lost by police while on guard... (

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